March 2024 KSL Update

New pamphlet: José Xena Torrent: A Contribution to a Necessary Biography by Víctor García 

Both García (pseudonym of Germinal Gracia) and Xena were lifelong anarchists and activists in the CNT in Spain and in exile. £3.35 inc. UK postage see


Trouble in Moscow: From the life of the “Liesma” [“Flame”] Group’ from 1918 wasn’t written by Jan Birze. Details, and biography of Birze are at 

David (Dave) Poole,

editor of Land and liberty : anarchist influences in the Mexican revolution, died in 2023. There are some links to reviews at 

London Rebel History Calendar 2024 

From our comrades at Past Tense, see or 

New on the KSL Site: Articles

The Sten Gang (Jean Marc Rouillan on the MIL)
De-constructing the Lies and Nonsense on the Monolith on Display in Puigcerdá by Agustín Guillamón
How Libertarian Memory was Hijacked South of the Pyrenees. The Story of a Theft by Imanol

Ephemera and Treasures

We have just bought another selection of anarchist ephemera – thanks to our Friends and others who have made donations to the KSL

Meeting in Memory of Louise Michel [Leaflet, 1905]
Youth – who gains from war? [Leaflet, 1938]
Freedom Publications Committee [Leaflet]
Letter to Spain and the World re: the movement in Australia
Letter From Allen Pope to Tom Keell re: Spain and the World and Relief work for Republican Spain
Marie Louise Berneri Memorial Committee Circular Letter no.2 (November 1950), postcard and leaflet.
The German Emperor – Damn Him – and the flunkeys who cheer him [Leaflet, 1891]

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