The German Emperor - Damn Him - and the flunkeys who cheer him [Leaflet, 1891]

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All loyal subjects are engaged in celebrating the coming of the German Emperor, and strange enough the very people, who exclaim against the the poor foreign workman who comes here to earn a crust of bread, and call him a ‘foreign pauper’, will rush to welcome this German despot, who has lived all his life upon the sweat and blood of the workers, this young butcher, who told the Westphalian miners, who came to ask for better wages, for bread for their wives and little ones, that he would shoot them down like dogs, and still the cries of hunger with bullets and bayonets. And this is the man, who English trade unionists will throng to cheer, and applaud, together with our own representatives of royalty fresh from the bacarrat table of Tranby Croft, the brothels of Mother Jefries or Hammonds den of infamy in Cleveland street. 

Yet the victims of this tyrant, the poor foreign workmen who are driven to this country, by his hideous tyranny because they have stuck up for their rights, are treated by you with contumely. Is it not time that this was changed 

We Anarchists tell you to greet the foreign toiler as a brother, but receive the tyrant with groans and hisses, while the robbers, gamblers, and debauchees, who acornupany him shall be met, with cries of ‘Baccarat’ ‘Tranby Croft’ ‘Mother Jeffries’ and ‘Cleveland Street,’ with any suitable accompaniments that may come handy. 




[Note: ‘For distributing these leaflets in Victoria Park on Sunday afternoon Comrade Mowbray had his name taken by a park keeper, and the police were ordered to take Chapple into custody by an irate parson. This proves that these leaflets have done good propaganda’ Commonweal 11 July 1891 ]