Letter From Allen Pope to Tom Keell re: Spain and the World and Relief work for Republican Spain

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1 Rustin Gardens
31 Jan 37

Dear Tom

For the sake of mere decency I should ^ have written to you long ere now, if only to thank you for the literature you have been sending, so kindly, to me. One reason for the delay is that I’ve been waiting a favourable chance to send you 2/6 subscription for your paper. Alas! I’m not yet able to do so. My means are a bit short in these days. Spanish-aid, Unity, the Left-book Club and – well! you know the amazingly facile way cash has of disappearing, if you are in the movement.

For the time then, take the will for the deed, please.

You’ll see by the enclosed that we are doing a bit for Spain – the Workers’ Spain – in this area. We have Seymour Cocks and Dobbie to address our conference. Incidentally, the secretary of our Committee is an Oxford 11 man and both he and the treasurer are C.P.ers and we bought off by quite a neat bit of manoeuvring the cooperation of the Trades Council, much to the disgust of Transport House.

We have already dispatched several tons of food, clothing etc and quite a sum of money. We have 2½ tons in all due in tomorrow from Pontypridd and Abertillery.

I should love to have a long talk with you and swap news and views. I hope there’ll be an opportunity soon.
Anything particularly exciting in Whiteway politics at the moment? But I suppose Kit will give me all the news, shes supposed to be coming down here in a week or two.

Mother and Elsie join with me in kindest wishes to Lillian and yourself.


Allen Pope

Afterthought: I’ll be able to get “Spain” in Colletts now. AP