Freedom Publications Committee [Leaflet]

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Our little monthly Journal is sent you in the hope that it may interest you sufficiently to become a regular subscriber. 

It is independent in every way :— Communist in economics, Anarchistic in political outlook ; Freethought in ethics. 

But it welcomes every school of thought if expressed in clear and reasonable language. 

Its foundation belief, for which it works, is the Libertarian view of life, universal in its application, irrespective of Parties, Nationalities, Races or Creeds. 

It stands for the formation of humanitarian thought and feeling for the liberation of humanity from the oppression of Capitalism, Coercive Government, and Religious Dogma. 

It works in sympathy with all movements having similar objectives, and will gladly publish anything dealing with such subjects. 

All subscriptions should be sent to the Hon: Treasurer who will gladly acknowledge same. 

John Turner, 
17, Woburn Square, 
London, W. C. 1. 

Some excellent pamphlets, and special Libertarian literature are set out on the back page 

[Which is blank. The following pamphlets appeared in the ‘Freedom Publications’ series
1, Will you make war again? : an open letter to the belligerent governments / E.D.(Edmund Dene) Morel and John Turner
2, The two communisms / R. Corn
3, An appeal to the young [with a foreword by John Turner 1932] / Mikhail Aleksandrovich Kropotkin and John Turner ]