Glasgow Anarchist Anti-election manifesto

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You have voted for every kind of politician under the sun—in the past they have lied to you—Peace in Our Time, Homes for Heroes, Work for Everybody. They kiss your babies and clap your backs and will give you the Kingdom of Heaven on a plate if only you’ll put your cross against their name and £600 per year. 

Every faker you’ve voted for turns out the same. 

Be they Tory, Labour, Liberal, Communist, or what have you. Parliament is simply an instrument of the ruling class fashioned to create and preserve the appearance of democracy and the universal franchise is the means of deception on which it rests. The time has come to realise that politicians—the sly, cringing, dough-faced lice of politics can do nothing for you, but can do plenty to you :— Rations, Bevin Boys, War, Conscription, Bureaus, Parishes, Means Tests, E.W.O.’s, Labour Camps. Now the time has come when you must rely on yourself for a change. 

TORYISM means :—Starvation Wages and Unemployment. 

SOCIALISM means :—State Control which is Fascism. 

COMMUNISM means :—Concentration Camps, Secret Police, State Slavery as in Russia. 

None of them are any good for the workers, but all are good for those in power. Government is for slaves, Freemen govern themselves. You can have and enjoy all the wealth that you make, but X does not mark the spot.

Start organising now to take over industry you have worked for the boss—now work for yourself by producing goods for use instead of profit. Craft unions are obsolete. Organise in industrial syndicates all men in one industry in one union, all unions in one Federation, control by the workers themselves from the workshop.

Don’t vote for politicians who will—
Red Cross all the wounded, 
Wooden cross those who fall, 
Iron cross the heroes 
And double cross you all. 

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Printed and published by the Anarchist Federation of Britain, 

127 George Street, Glasgow.