A Socialist Exposes the Counter-Revolutionary Role of the Communist Party of Spain [Leaflet, 1939]

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The Social-Democrat Luis Araquistain (ex-Spanish Ambasador in Paris), has put on record an exposue of the Negrin Government, from which we select the following:— 

This government ceased to exist from the moment the justified and common indignation of the Republican army and people compelled him to leave our country by aeroplane—this time not chased by Franco’s assassins but by the wrath the people, which had reached its climax. Republicans, Socialists and Syndicalists all understood at last, but too late, that this government was incomptent. It was the most despotic and unscrupulous government Spain ever has had—even in the darkest periods of the Hapsburg and Bourbon Dynasties. “

During the two years Negrin was in power we lost the whole north of Spain, we lost a part of the Mediterranean coast, and at last we also lost the whole of Catalonia. Another time and in another place I will enumerate all the causes of this catastrophe, which is unparralleled in the history of Spanish Wars. To-day it must be sufficient to point to the fact and indicate the profound cause of this tremendous defeat. It was the stupid and brutal communist dictatorship that led us to this tragical dis-solution. And the unreserved tools of this dictatorship were Juan Negrin and his close assistant, the ex-minister of the Interior. They were dictators under the whip of the Communist Party.”

They abandoned the defence of Catalonia.” 

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