August 2023 Kate Sharpley Library Bulletin online

KSL: Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library No. 110-111, August 2023 [Double issue] has just been posted on our site. The PDF is up at
‘Our Cause May Grow The Richer,’ Some thoughts on Billy MacQueen by Barry Pateman. What do 'his scattered writings and publications tell us about him and the anarchist world he was part of'?
Remembering Roy Emery. ‘I remember Roy as someone who would stand up for his beliefs’.
‘Not a good look’? Reading Dave Cope on British anarchist publishing history. 'Cope reacts badly to Albert [Meltzer]’s self-declared sectarianism.'
Anarchism: Arguments for and against [2023, review] 'It’s good to have this classic back in print.'
Papers from Saint Louis. 'We have just posted some issues of anarchist newspapers published in Saint Louis (or nearby).'
Guillamón and the Nebula. 'We have recently put up two translated articles by Agustín Guillamón which look at affinity groups.'
To The Miners by Janet Grove 'Away with masters, one and all,… and, workers, we’ll be Free!'
The day we took the white tower [Price Waterhouse occupation, Glasgow, 1984] by Brian Biggins 'In retrospect, the group felt that the action was relatively successful – not from the narrow view of publicity for the Clydeside Anarchists – but because it was a positive action on behalf of the miners to the ruling class offensive.'
Papers and Projects. (Fundación Anselmo Lorenzo / Marie Goldsmith / Past Tense / Stuart Christie / Yiddish anarchist papers / Libcom / Cleveland / MayDay Rooms / Police Spies Out of Lives / The Salish Sea Anarchist Archive)
Library Notes [July 2023] New subject headings!
Join the Professionals: The army of the unemployed. 'The Army doesn’t exist to do you a favour, it’s a force of repression, not a holiday club.'