Papers and Projects

Fundación Anselmo Lorenzo Following their fundraiser the FAL are now putting digitised documents (primarily but not all in Spanish) at 

Marie Goldsmith ‘Marie Goldsmith: Scientific Luminary, Anarchist Militant’ by Søren Hough, was published in the latest issue of Black Flag Anarchist Review, (July 14, 2023). Available with writings by Goldsmith at 

Past Tense the comrades have two new publications out: Rare Doings at Camberwell (‘A wild ramble through the murky past of London SE5’) and St John’s Eve (‘partying, drinking, ecstatic dancing’) or

Stuart Christie The Tyneside Anarchist Archive have posted a wonderful interview with Stuart from Bristle magazine (Summer 2006). ‘I know that there is nothing more off-putting than self-righteous ideologically driven proselytising, be it on the page, screen or public platform. People need to relate to you on the page as a human being, with all of humanity’s foibles, failings and uncertainties as well as describing those moments when you do something unexpected – taking the road less travelled as it were. But humour – be it slapstick, ironic or gallows, is by far the best page-turner, for me at any rate.’ 

Yiddish anarchist papers Der Arbayter Fraynd [The Worker’s Friend] (Page images from issues 1903-1904):
Frayhayts Shtime [The Voice of Freedom] a copy from 1921 which survived to be included in the Oyneg Shabes archive in the Warsaw Ghetto:

Libcom have just completed their online run of World Labour News from 1960-62. (Direct Action from the SWF and Black Flag are also getting worked on).

Cleveland donate to Healthcare for Peter Gelderloos (and support for other Cleveland organizers)

MayDay Rooms is an ‘archive, resource and safe haven for social movements, experimental and marginal cultures and their histories.’ It’s also home to the Stuart Christie Memorial Archive. They are having a funding drive: 

Police Spies Out of Lives ‘The women who were spied on welcome the [Undercover Policing] Inquiry’s findings, which show the undercover unit was “unjustified and undemocratic”. They now demand the Met hand over the files gathered on them, and urge the Inquiry to “stop protecting police” and reveal the full identities of all undercover officers.’

The Salish Sea Anarchist Archive They have four issues of Discontent (1898, scanned by the IISG in Amsterdam) on