Remembering Roy Emery

We’re sad to pass on news of the death of our comrade Roy Emery. Roy was a good friend to the KSL, as well a long-term supporter of Black Flag and member of the Direct Action Movement and then SolFed. Our comrade MH paid him this tribute: ‘I remember Roy as someone who would stand up for his beliefs. He was dogged in his support of others trying to organise, whether nationally or locally. I can remember pieces Albert pulled together in Black Flag bemoaning the new age hokery in Glastonbury and knew that Roy was the source. That he only had a couple of comrades around him,  including his partner Jan, makes his long-standing militancy in a small country town all the more admirable.’

We send our condolences to Roy’s family, friends and comrades.

[Update, 17 April 2023] ‘Scoeman’ on Twitter added this tribute:

Roy was the first anarchist I knew, as a Bath schoolboy in the 60’s. A handful of us would meet, discuss and collect copies of Freedom and Anarchy. Like many anarchists at the time, I think Roy theoretically was a pacifist, but the fieriest one I’ve ever met. RIP comrade.’