Anarchist history roundup Aug. 2022

The Sparrow’s Nest Another set of scans now available from the busy Nottingham comrades: 

The Spirit of Revolt interview ‘The Archive collects, manages and preserves multi-media records from Glasgow’s and Clydeside’s anarchist and libertarian-socialist past and present.’ J and S from the Spirit of Revolt are interviewed by our Tyneside comrades:

Venice 1984 remembered The International Anarchist Conference in Venice in 1984 brought together anarchists from all over the world (including lots of well known names!) The Libertarian Studies Centre-Guiseppe Pinelli archive have put on line this wonderful resource featuring papers, interviews and recollections from the conference: 

Anarchist and Syndicalist Periodicals from Latin America A collection of anarchist, syndicalist, and labor periodicals from Latin American countries (1873-1957).

What is History from Below? Kathy Ferguson’s article looks at some classics of ‘history from below’ to see what tricks we can borrow and talks about ‘scale’ in writing history (from individual lives to historical forces). Nice quote from Marcus Rediker: ‘we must learn to listen, to cultivate curiosity, to read with the gift of wonder.’ 

Writing Anarchism with History from Below’, Anarchist Studies, 30(1), 7-29. Currently free at: 

On the KSL site:

Imanol: two new pieces on anarchists in the French Resistance In the Footsteps of the Libertarian ‘del Rio’ Battalion and Its Fight Against the Nazis [Ariege; Haute Garonne]
How Libertarian Memory in France Was Usurped and Manipulated: a Story of a Theft 

Liverpool: two pieces from Liverpool Anarchist
The Liverpool Anarchist Group 
Rudolf Rocker in Liverpool 

Art: Cienfuegos Press price list of Flavio Costantini prints (1975) 

Two letters by Anna Shimaite