Spanish Anti-Fascist Fighters in Prison Camps in Britain! [Chorley Spanish Republicans protest leaflet, 1945]

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Spanish Anti-Fascist Fighters in Prison Camps in Britain!

Protest Meeting Sunday, 23rd September AT 7 P.M.

HOLBORN HALL Grays Inn Road, W.C.1

With SPEAKERS from Anarchist Federation of Britain

AND Spanish Libertarian Movement

London Workers! Show your Solidarity with the first fighters against Fascism!

Printed by C. A. Brock & Co. Ltd., (TU.), 79 Southern Row, London, W.10.

[226 exiled Spanish republicans (including anarchists) who had been used as forced labour by the Todt organisation were interned in Chorley, Lancashire and treated as Prisoners of War. This leaflet was part of the solidarity campaign by anarchists (and others on the Left) which led to their liberation.

For more information see ‘Spanish anti-fascist ‘prisoners of war’ in Lancashire, 1944–46’ by Richard Cleminson at]