Anarchy and freedom the basis of internationalism [Anarchist Communist Federation flier, late 1939]

Anarchy and freedom the basis of internationalism [Anarchist Communist Federation flier, late 1939]

the basis of Internationalism 

Can the State be an instrument of Workers Emancipation? is a question that has been before the movement for more than eighty years. 

The alliance between Russian “Communism” and German Nazism brings further proof that the State is an instrument Of coercion, and that the greater the allegiance of Workers to the State the more binding their Slavery, Ideologically and Economically. 

The similarity between Stalinism and Hitlerism can be seen by the following quotation from an article by a French Fascist, Georges Valois, in “Action Francais” of 19th October, 1924:— 

We therefore address the Communists and say: ‘Your criticism of the bourgeois state corresponds with ours, your views on public economics corresponds to ours, on account of our opinion we direct ourslves against the bourgeois regime, but if you have the same opinion about policy and economic problems as we, you must see that the real problem is to deprive the bourgeois class of political power, and to put its economical function under the control of the national state.’ On this basis, under these conditions we can conclude an alliance in order to create the new society.”

And so we get the present debacle in the ranks of the Working Class. But it is not too late yet. The Workers have the power once they have the will. They must create an Anarcho-Syndicalist movement recognising that only by owning and controlling the means of life can they stop War, Poverty, Disease, Fascism, Injustice, and all forms of coercion. 

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[Anarchist Communist Federation flier from late 1939. Created by Frank Leech and others in Glasgow in 1937 the group became part of the Anarchist Federation of Britain around April 1940.]