London Protest Meeting [23rd September 1945, demanding released of interned Spanish anti-fascists]

A public meeting was held on Sunday, September 23rd, at the Holborn Hall, London, by the London Group of the Anarchist Federation and the Spanish Libertarian Movement jointly to protest
against the continued imprisonment of the Spanish anti-fascist fighters, captured on the Continent, in a P.o.W. camp in Lancashire. The meeting was very well attended.

Tom Brown of the London Group pointed out that the only reason for keeping these men imprisoned was that they had dared to carry into practice what genuine socialists had dreamed of and preached for a hundred years, the socialisation of the means of production and distribution. It was the duty of every conscious militant to demand their release.

Delso de Miguel on behalf of the Spanish Libertarian Movement described the men’s plight during their weary years of exile and imprisonment by French, German and Allied forces in turn. He praised the spontaneous help given these men by the people of Lancashire.

Sonia Edelman told of her visit to the camp and the pitiful state of the prisoners which contrasted strangely with their dignified bearing. Bill Johnson of the Glasgow Anarchist group brought greetings from the comrades in the North and endorsed the appeal.

A responsive audience contributed generously to the collection on behalf of the prisoners.

From: Direct Action, August 1945.