KSL History

History of the Kate Sharpley Library

We've collected here articles that originally appeared in KSL: The Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library, as well as other places, documenting the history and evolution of the Library.

The Kate Sharpley Library (1991)

Albert Meltzer, The Purpose of History (1991)

Albert Meltzer, Why Can't I See It Yet? (1991?)

Anarchist Literature: "It Must Begin Again" (1991)

Albert Melter, Scope of the Library (1992)

Albert Meltzer, K.S.L. (1995)

Albert Meltzer (1920-1996) (1996)

Stuart Christie, Albert Meltzer, anarchist (1996)

John Pattten, Albert Meltzer, 1920-1996: a tribute (1996)

The Fight for History: A Manifesto (1999)

The Stuff of History (2001)

Some Notes on the Founding of the Kate Sharpley Library (2004)

The Kate Sharpley Library: What and Why (2004)

Twenty Five Years of the Kate Sharpley Library (2004)