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Notes from the KSL: Blog of the Kate Sharpley Library

Activism / News

Abolishing the Borders from Below
An anarchist courier from Eastern Europe’

International Anarchist news

Anarchist Age Weekly Review
Down under bulletin. Try*/

Anarchist Federation
UK Anarcho-communists.

Anarchist News dot org
North-American based Anarchist News

Anarcho-Syndicalist Review
Formerly Libertarian Labor Review.

Class struggle anarchist site.

A rivista anarchica
Italian Anarchist journal (some articles in English)

Campaign Against Prison Slavery (archive)
UK based campaign against exploitation of prisoners.

Class War (archive)
UK Anarchist group.

Direct Action (archive)
Magazine of the Solidarity Federation

Do or Die
Earth First! Mega-periodical
Anarchist web host, and previous home of KSL site

Freedom Press
Anarchist publisher and bookshop

Ian Bone
The Class Warrior’s blog

Industrial Workers of the World
The Wobblies

Global counter-information

Voluminous and recommended

“a resource for all people who wish to fight to improve their lives, their communities and their working conditions”

NEFAC (North-East Federation of Anarcho-Communists) Now Libertarian Communist Federation
NE of North America that is.

Lively local (Worthing, UK) newssheet.

UK protest news (and ‘crap arrest of the week’).

Workers Solidarity Alliance
North American Anarcho-syndicalists see also Ideas and Action

Workers Solidarity Movement
Irish Anarchists (see also their archive)

Voluminous South African resource


AK Press
Anarchist publisher (Edinburgh branch)

AK Press
Anarchist publisher (Chico, California branch)

Anarchist Bookfair (London)
Annual London event

Anarchist publisher

Freedom Press
Anarchist publisher and bookshop

Left Bank Books
North American Bookshop

Little Black Cart
Distribution: Anarchism, Communism, Green Anarchy, Situationist, Insurrection, Anarchy, Autonomism

New Formulation
Anarchist book reviews (archive)

Research / Libraries


Anarchist Studies
Academic anarchist research: give abstracts of current issue.

Anarchy Archives
Works by Anarchists, plus bibliographies

Archivio Pinelli (Centro Studi Libertari)
Italian Archive

Biblioteca Franco Serantini
Italian Archive

Bureau of Public Secrets
Online documents (especially situationist ones)

Centre de Documentation Anarchiste
French Archive (now Secrétariat histoire et Archives (SHA))

CIRA (Centre International de Recherches sur l’Anarchisme )
Swiss Anarchist archive

Circolo Anarchico Carlo Vanza
Italian Archive

UK academic libraries

Daily Bleed / Anarchist encyclopedia (archive)
Encyclopedic look at anarchist history (English)

Dead Anarchists
The historical researches of Bob Helms.

Dictionnaire International des Militants Anarchistes
French-language listing of anarchists from around the world.

Emma Goldman Papers
Writings, photos etc.

Ephemeride Anarchiste (in French) (archive)
Encyclopedic look at anarchist history (in French)

Fundación Anselmo Lorenzo
Spanish archive

Haymarket Affair Digital Collection
Chicago Historical Society

Institute for Anarchist Studies
Encouraging anarchist research

International Institute of Social History
Dutch library/archive, collecting Social history worldwide

Kate Sharpley Library wiki
History in the making. In particular, check out Anarchist newspaper circulation

Labadie Collection
Legendary collection of Anarchist (etc) material

Libertarian archives (FICEDL)
International Federation of Libertarian archives.

Library of Congress
Catalogue of the US national library

Nestor Makhno Archive
All things Makhnovist (multilingual)

Radical tradition (Takver)
Australian / New Zealand- Aotearoa labour history

Research on anarchism
Encouraging anarchist research (multilingual)

The Sparrows’ Nest, Nottingham
a Centre for Anarchist Culture and Education

Online documents

Search libraries worldwide