The Syndicalist Vol 1 No 5 (September 1952)

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Do we need leaders? (when we discover our own strength)
The sell-out (the mines) / Johnnie Miner
E.T.U leadership lets down the meter readers (unionism)
Workers’ control and the wage system (ideas - what is anarcho-syndicalism? 5) / A.M.[Albert Meltzer]
Syndicalism in Spain (history)
Crime doesn’t pay (politics)
Workers of Britain / Jim Connell
The postmen could do it (communications - cut out the red tape) / X.Y.Z.
Hit them where it hurts (direct action) / D.J.
Voluntary redundancy (the docks)
Scissor Bill - productivity for what? / [Donald Rooum]
Letters: Why reject the unions? (a different purpose) / C.E. 
The good union woman
Thanks, comrades!