Ángel Artigot Dead

Comrade Ángel Artigot Puerto, native of Gea de Albarracin (Teruel) has died in Teruel at the age of 93. A long-time and enthusiastic militant from his adolescent years back in the shopworkers’ sector in 1930s Valencia, he joined the Iron Column as it marched towards the Teruel front and after a number of adventures finished up a prisoner in Valencia as the civil war drew to its end. He passed through a number of prison camps, from the Basque Country to Andalusia, surviving due to a specially strong personality that captivated people regardless of their ideological persuasions. Back in Teruel after the war ended, he carried the stigma of being labelled a “red”, having to deal with all manner of reprisals, but surviving through a number of hospitality ventures thanks to his own strong character, determination, self-control and his faithful, long-suffering partner, Librada.

An example to many, he always remained faithful to his ideals and on retirement left his last fully functioning and successful establishment to those upon he had always looked as comrades rather as mere staff. He retained his full mental faculties right to his final years, albeit that there was some physical deterioration and made a strong impression on all who were fortunate enough to know him, friends or otherwise.

May the earth lie lightly upon you, comrade Ángel.

by Teruel CNT

From: cnt, No 377, April 2011. Translated by: Paul Sharkey.