Protest against Italian government attacks on anarchist archives by the Centro Studi Libertari/ Archivio G. Pinelli

Dear comrades,
in the last few days, we issued a statement to respond to the recent attacks on the Historical Archive of the Italian Anarchist Federation, and all anarchist archives, made by the Italian government. With this newsletter we intend to also reach out to our international contacts. In addition, we take the opportunity to address the grotesque theorems on alleged relations between the mafia and the anarchist movement. 

Anarchist archives, terrorism and censorship 

Members of the parliamentary commission on culture have requested that all public recognition (and funding) be stripped from any archive that makes an “apologia of terrorism”, even demanding the intervention of the Ministry of the Interior to identify any “dangerous” documents on their shelves to be censored. What kind of cultural role is envisaged for archives? What idea of history emerges from these positions? We thought it appropriate to respond to these rantings with the following statement, issued on saturday, 4 February.

State, mafia and the anarchist movement 

To further expand the previous text, we take the opportunity to address the grotesque statements by the Italian government on alleged relations between the mafia and the anarchist movement. An incomprehensible theorem, which perhaps clumsily tries to hide the consolidated and established relations and negotiations between the Italian state and politicians of all sides and levels with the world of organized crime. You can find our considerations below.

centro studi libertari / archivio g. pinelli