Library Update [Nov. 2022]


The Sparrows’ Nest’s Oct.-Nov. scans include Two Lies that Shook the World – The Protocols of the Elders of Zion –The Nationalisation of Women (KSL) and George Woodcock Anarchy or Chaos (1944)

Judy Greenway has put up some fascinating Kitty Lamb interview notes

Ephemera and other treats

Two pieces relating to the case of the Walsall Anarchists, two pieces by Boris Yelensky relating to In the struggle for equality; an Anarchist Black Cross Gala Concert Programme [1975] and a Kate Sharpley Library information leaflet [1980s]
All via

We have put up a lot of other stuff: issues of Iconoclast and Ludd, pamphlets: Anarchist Communism in plain English (Leonard Augustine Motler) and The Meaning of Anarchism (Jack White) The issues in the present war (Marcus Graham), Marcus Graham’s tissues in the present war : A protest by the ‘Workers Friend’ Group, plus Why does Anarchism progress so slowly? (Pierre Ramus).

Any ideas how best to flag up stuff we’ve scanned?