What have they done to Mochanovsky?

Last August our Relief Fund sent some money to comrade Mochanovsky, then imprisoned in the Butirky, Moscow. In the course of time the money was returned to us by the forwarding bank: Mochanovsky was no more in the Butirky.

This is what happened. Just before the arrival of certain foreign delegations in Moscow, an order was received at the prison to transfer Mochanovsky. Where to?

That is not known. But the “why” will be found in the following circumstances. During a previous visit of some “foreign friends of the Soviet Government”, the latter assured the delegates that there were no Politicals kept in prison in Moscow. Upon the return of that delegation to France we were able to prove that on the very day that they received that assurance from the Government, the Anarchist Mochanovsky was in the Butirky prison. We demonstrated it by producing the original receipt signed in the Butirky prison and proving that Mochanovsky not only was there but that he actually received the money we sent him.

Evidently the Bolsheviks took note of the matter. Now foreign delegates do not find Mochanovsky any more in the Moscow prison. But what have the red executioners done to Mochanovsky?

(Ibid). [Bulletin of the Relief Fund of the IWMA for anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists imprisoned or exiled in Russia, No. 5, March, 1928.]

From: The Guillotine at work, p577.