Berkman, Alexander and Barry Pateman. The Blast. AK Press: 2005. 242 pages, Large format.

After serving as editor for Emma Goldman's Mother Earth, Alexander Berkman moved to San Francisco and started his own newspaper. This historical facsimile reprint of the complete 29 issues in their entirety (typos, ads, and all!) features articles, letters, news, and editorials by Berkman and his revolutionarily-minded contemporaries. Topics include the political trial of labor activists Mooney-Billings, a profile of Pancho Villa, the imprisonment of the Magon brothers, the arrests of Emma Goldman and Margaret Sanger for birth control agitation, and anti-conscription actions. Complete with the original powerful political artwork and photos, this new edition includes an introduction by Emma Goldman Papers archivist Barry Pateman, who provides a lengthy contextual essay, explaining Berkman's life at the time, the social and political situation, and his ever-torturous relationship with Emma Goldman.

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