March 2024 Kate Sharpley Library Bulletin online

KSL: Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library No. 113, March 2024 has just been posted on our site: The pdf is up at

Sport, War & Aggression [Letter, 1966] by Albert Meltzer "But let us face it, the majority who resisted conscription, either by objection or indiscipline, desertion or struggle within the forces, were the aggressive types, or, as the psychologists might have it, the ‘delinquents’."
Looking for Decio Anzani "Anzani was arrested as an ‘enemy alien’ (because he was a ‘subversive’) and killed when the Arandora Star was torpedoed (2 July 1940)."
Decio Anzani by Alfio Bernabei "In 1903 he was called up into the army but deserted instead and had then to leave Italy. The State Archives in Rome show reports about him from Italian spies in Switzerland, France, Belgium and Great Britain."
Decio Anzani [tribute, 1946] "An attack by fascists was answered by the deportation of antifascists to Canada!" ... "His case is a good illustration of the queer sort of antifascism to which those ruling Britain subscribed."
Unsettled Questions in Socialism & Anarchism at the International School "These leaflets had been used as scrap paper to write a translation of Edmund Burke from English into French on their back, and were archived in a file bearing no connection at all to the London French, so this was an entirely chance discovery which revealed the role of the School as a meeting place where debates were organised by the British anarchist Agnes Henry."
Peter Good and the Cunningham Amendment by Seymour Di Sobedience "who can top the handmade, multicolour hedonism of the R Supward Press? Thank you, Peter!"
A brief history of the Centro Studi Libertari/ Archivio Giuseppe Pinelli by Luigi Balsamini [Review] "Their story is not only ‘local history’ but throws light on anarchist activities and connections from the seventies onwards."
For a Future Made By Us All [Book Review] "it felt like a dialogue: respectful and the opposite of preachy."
Georges Levezan, a Rumanian Student in the International Anarchist Movement by Adrian Tataran "How and where Georges Levezan died we do not know; there is every likelihood that he stayed on in France until the end of his days."
March 2024 KSL Update "We have just bought another selection of anarchist ephemera – thanks to our Friends and others who have made donations to the KSL."