Coming Soon Abel Paz, The Iron Column : Militant Anarchism in the Spanish Civil War

Abel Paz, a veteran of the anarchist Durruti Column, is one of the foremost writers on the Spanish anarchist movement and Spanish Revolution, best known to English-speakers for his biography of Durruti. In The Iron Column he tells the story of one of the most famous militia units of the Spanish Civil War which held out for the revolutionary gains of 1936 longer than almost anyone. This is the story of a group of revolutionaries willing to take the fight to fascism: and unwilling to tolerate dictatorship behind them, either. Paz uses the testimony of its members, extracts from their newspaper Línea de Fuego and internal documents to tell the story of the Iron Column in the context of the rise and fall of the Spanish Revolution which raged alongside the Spanish Civil War.

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Contents include: Valencia in July 1936, the creation, structure and engagements of the Iron Column, confronting the push for militarisation and the fate of the Iron Column. Appendices cover: Línea de Fuego, identified members of the Iron Column, The Plenum of Confederal and Anarchist Columns and more information on Gino Bibbi and José Pellicer.

Abel Paz, The Iron Column: Militant Anarchism in the Spanish Civil War 200+ pages.

Translated by Paul Sharkey. First published (in Catalan) as Crónica de la Columna de Ferro Barcelona:

Editorial Hacer, 1984.

ISBN-13: 9781873605042

ISBN-10: 1873605048 Anarchist library series; 10

Also available on the Iron Column

An ‘Uncontrollable’ from the Iron Column

A Day Mournful and Overcast

A clear view of what the Spanish Revolution of 1936 was all about from a member of one of the most militant anarchist militia columns. (Originally published March 1937. There is a completely new translation of it in Abel Paz’s The Iron Column (see above)

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