Strike History [1984 call for information on anarchist solidarity with the miners strike]

A comrade in the North-East is hoping to put together a record of the current Miners Strike as witnessed by anarchists who have been involved either directly or by providing physical support. Anyone who is interested in helping can do so by trying to keep a written record of what has been happening in your area, while bearing in mind that all reports sent in will eventually be used to form the basis of a booklet on the strike, available for general distribution. As well as summaries (typed and dated) our contact would also like copies of locally produced leaflets/posters/papers etc. on the strike. A documented history of the strike, written from an anarchist perspective, would certainly be a valuable contribution.

If you can help, please send in stuff to us and we’ll pass it on. Comrades in countries other than Britain who’ve been involved in international support work, are also invited to contribute.

From Black Flag vol 07 7d #122 (27/11/1984) 

[Update: Anarchism in North East England 1882-1992 by the Tyneside Anarchist Archive reported ‘I don’t think this project ever “got off the ground”.’ ]