Special Report from the NKVD: The arrest of Ivan Sergeyevich Gerasimov, 1st of May 1936

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[Updated 5th April with Bio of Gerasimov: Ivan Sergeyevich Gerasimov was born in the Kashinsky district of Tversk province around 1880. From a peasant family, he received only an elementary education. He lived in the town of Kashin, where he worked as a pastry-cook. An anarcho-communist from 1917, he belonged to the Kashin Federation of Anarchists. He was the author of a poem entitled “On the Death of P. A. Kropotkin,” published in the journal Vol’naya zhizn [Free Life] in 1921. [Research by A. V. Dubovik]]

From: Archival citation: Central State Archive of Historico-Political Records of St. Petersburg: TSGAIPD SPb. F. 24. Op. 2v. D. 1844. L. 18.. Translated by: Malcolm Archibald.