1927 Letter re postcards, calling for release of imprisoned revolutionaries in Russia

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[date stamp] 22 SEP 1927

Cleveland, Ohio Sep. 7, 1927

Dear Comrades!

Enclosed you will find a couple of postal cards demanding the liberation of all Russian political prisoners for the tenth anniversary of the Russian Revolution.

These cards are not addressed but we address them to the Russian Bolshevik government and give them to [various?] labor organizations and individuals to sign and mail them.

Our committee is affiliated with the anarchist committees for the release of political prisoners in France and Germany.

Comrade A. Berkman thought that this was a very good idea when I wrote and told him of our intention to print these cards. We have conceived of this idea a long while ago, only we were too busy with the Sacco-Vanzetti case so we could do nothing in this direction until now.

We sent out these sample cards to various group and comrades in many countries in Europe and asked them to reprint in their prospective languages so that this demand may be effective. We shall ask you to do the same thing if you feel that this may produce the release of our comrades from the Bolshevik dungeons or at least widely spread the information that there is such a thing as revolutionary prisoners in “Revolutionary Russia”
Kindly answer when you receive this letter and tell us whether you will print similar cards. On the left hand corner of this card is the soviet emblem and [] man behind prison bars. We have not noticed that the emblem was printed upside down, but it does not matter [the] Bolshevik officials will recognise it.

Fraternally yours

Bessie Kimmelman, Sec’y

[stamped] International Committee for the 
Relief of Russian Political Prisoners
1846 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland Ohio

P.S. The time is very short and we must rush with this work.

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