Giuseppe Pinelli: not just our history, but everyone’s history

Our comrades from the Centro Studi Libertari / Archivio Giuseppe Pinelli, Milan are fundraising to create a public history project, dedicated to the life of Giuseppe Pinelli.

The 12th of December is the anniversary of the 1969 Piazza Fontana bombing carried out by neo-fascists working with the Italian secret services. Sixteen people were murdered. The seventeenth victim was the anarchist railway worker, Giuseppe Pinelli, accused and then murdered by the police. His death - and the controversy and trials which followed it - unmasked the strategy of tension: Pinelli was innocent, Piazza Fontana was a state massacre. You can read more on Pinelli’s life here

Our comrades say: “Our aim is to collect witness accounts and documents pertaining to Giuseppe Pinelli, as well as to the research and inquiries carried out over the years, and to make the collected material available to the public at large. The story of the «anarchic railway worker» will be the core of a common, participated history, illustrating a specific historic period and filling the gaps eluding documentation and witness accounts, with the goal to add a further tool to allow for today’s world to interpret itself.”

Read more about the campaign (and donate) at: