Library News (Nov. 2021)

We have added some new information to the chronology on the 1945 split. See

New on the main Kate Sharpley Library website:

Anarchist General: Nestor Makhno by Osugi Sakae (with thanks to Charlie Allison). Unfortunately Osugi and Makhno never met.

On the (critical) use of police sources by Mimmo Franzinelli ‘In conclusion, the police records may show everything or they may show the very opposite and we can find there whatever we want to find: we have to proceed painstakingly, with deliberation and logic.’

Fanny and Aron Baron (two new photos from their ‘American years’), see

The Lyon Hold-Up and Its Impact on the Libertarian Movement in Exile by Imanol, covering not only the deadly events of 18 January 1951, but also the life stories of the militants involved:

A biography of Alfredo López, Anarchist Founder of the Cuban Trade Union Movement ‘murdered on the orders of the tyrant Gerardo Machado on 20 July 1926.’

A Life for Anarchy

Without freedom there would be no equality and without equality no freedom, and without struggle there would be neither’ – Stuart Christie

American readers can now get hold of: A Life for Anarchy: A Stuart Christie Reader edited by the KSL. We’ll let you know when it arrives in the UK.