Beating Fascism : Anarchist anti-fascism in theory and practice

Christie, Stuart, G. Cresciani, Mike Donovan, Buenaventura Durruti, Paolo Finzi, Don Hamerquist, Anna Key, Errico Malatesta, Rudolf Rocker and Dr. Gerhard Wartenberg. Beating Fascism : Anarchist anti-fascism in theory and practice. Kate Sharpley Library: 2005. 52 pages, illustrated. Translated by Isy Morgenmuffel and Paul Sharkey.

Anarchists have never hung back in the fight against fascism. This pamphlet covers the physical and ideological battles that anarchists have waged against it. It starts with the Arditi del Popolo (Peoples Commandos) against Mussolini's Blackshirts, via German anarcho-syndicalists to the Spanish Revolution of 1936. This much can be found (usually well buried!) in the history books. But this pamphlet also uncovers the history of anarchist anti-fascism in fighting against the National Front in Britain in the seventies and the 'No Platform' activities of Anti-Facist Action & Anti-Racist Action in the eighties, nineties and beyond. Documents from Russia and Australia and an interview with current activists from Britain and North America fill out a comprehensive look at the ideas and practice of anarchist anti-fascism.



Survival rules
Fascism, Stuart Christie
Spontaneous anti-fascism, Don Hamerquist
The Anarchists against Italian Fascism, Paolo Finzi
Mussolini in Power, Errico Malatesta
In the Name of Truth, Errico Malatesta
Direct Action, G. Cresciani
Nationalism and Fascism, Rudolf Rocker
Gerhard on National-Socialism, HW Gerhard (pen name of Dr. Gerhard Wartenberg, 1904-1942)
"For us it is a question of crushing fascism once and for all. Yes, in spite of government...", Buenaventura Durruti
Fascism in Britain Today – The Left and the National Front [1976], MFW
Let's Get Physical…, Anti-Fascist Action
The Fascist Takeover, J. the A.
Myths, Sheffield Anarchist
Fight The Class War Not The Race War, Angry People
What We Believe, Anti-Racist Action
Anti-Racist Action's 'Points of Unity'
On The Prowl – Notes On Anti-Racist Action And Developing Anti-Fascist Strategies In Toronto, Lola
ARA responds to 'Fighting words', Mike Donovan
For A World Without Fascism, North Eastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists
So Anti-fascism Is Trendy Now, Avtonom
Anti-fascism Now, Kate Sharpley Library, Class War and 'Three Way Fight'
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