Hoff, Devin and Barry Pateman. Sparks of Hope: Impressions of Early North American Anarchist Newspapers: words by Barry Pateman; music by Devin Hoff. [CD]. Kate Sharpley Library: 1 CD.

Readings from early American anarchists newspapers by Barry Pateman and original music from premier jazz bassist Devin Hoff. This is one CD any disrespectful anarchist should have.

1, The Ideal / Devin Hoff
2, The Alarm / Barry Pateman
3, To Arms / Devin Hoff
4, Cronaca Sovversiva / Barry Pateman
5, L'Adunata dei Reffratari / Devin Hoff
6, Mother Earth / Barry Pateman
7, The Open Road / Devin Hoff
8, The Blast / Barry Pateman
9, "To the Youth of America" / Barry Pateman
10, The Deed / Devin Hoff
11, Some Definitions / Barry Pateman
12, The Dawn / Devin Hoff

2018 update: You can now buy Barry's spoken word pieces as a digital album at https://goodfriendrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sparks-of-hope-reflections-on-early-anarchist-papers

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