Design for Revolution [a report of an anarchist leaflet sending up police-press hype about the anti-Vietnam War demonstration, London, 27 October 1968]

Planning for the October Revolution goes ahead. A subversively-minded friend passed me the following set of instructions issued last week by the “Revolutionary Junta” and being discreetly circulated by London anarchists – “Positions to seize and tactics to deploy.”

“The intention behind these tactics is to DESTROY at one fell swoop the entire BRITISH WAY OF LIFE and replace it by ANARCHY.

“Black Power to occupy Lord’s Cricket Ground and fill it with Negroes playing American football.

“Take over the footbridge at St. James’s Park and feed cannabis resin to the ducks, getting them high over the Palace.

“Fortify Harrod’s Repository preparatory to blowing the Boat Race out of the river.

“Invade the grounds at Tottenham, Arsenal, Fulham, etc., ten minutes from close of play, ruining the football pools.

“Arrest all news commentators except Frost and Muggeridge. Should counter-revolutionary armed White Guards take over the B.B.C. and I.T.V., they can be relied on to prevent anyone at all getting a word in edgeways.

“Known pot addicts to go into the Athenaeum and telephone the police.

“Homosexuals to camp (literally) outside the Palace, dressed in kilts, and purporting to be loyal Highlanders: to give sensational interviews to the Italian Press about Balmoral.

“All revolutionists engaged in acts of sabotage to sing not the Internationale but the Eton Boating Song, thus confusing the police as to whether it is mob violence or healthy youthful high spirits.”

see catalogue record for the leaflet at the British Library:
The October Revolution, 27th & 28th October 1968. Positions to seize and strategic tactics to deploy. (By order of the Revolutionary Junta.).
London : Coptic Press, [1968] “Duplicated. A skit.” General Reference Collection Cup.21.g.15.(20.)

From: STE (Sunday Telegraph) 29 September 1968.