Karl Max Kreuger

Amsterdam December 1946-Den Haag March 1999

For those of us who regularly attended the anarchist bookfair in London a meeting with Karl Max would undoubtedly be one of the high points of the day. This good natured and witty Dutch man was a positive mine of information regarding the international libertarian movement, especially developments in the old Soviet empire. His relaxed and undogmatic approach to our cause gained him many friends in Poland, Ukraine and Russia. Through his correspondence he also kept in regular touch with comrades in China and Latin America; no doubt they also gained greatly from the information and solidarity he provided.

As a long time activist in the Netherlands, it was only natural that he was also a founding member of the Vrije Bond (Free Union) after it split with the OVB (independent union), over it's failure to involve itself in the broader social issues beyond the workplace. He was a regular contributor to the VB paper "Buiten de Orde", one of the better anarchist journals published today. Karl Max died suddenly at his home in Den Haag - he will be sadly missed by his many friends and comrades around the world.

Dat hart klopt ineens niet meer. We missen je.