Ferran Sánchez Agustí

A trained teacher and justice of the peace in Sallent, Ferran Sánchez Agustí wrote upwards of a dozen books on the Civil War and maquis activity in the Pyrenees under Francoist rule. Some of his books are available in Kindle format. He was an authority on the history of smuggling and spying, separately and together in the Pyrenees. In 2006 he produced El Maquis anarquista. His efforts as a local historian of anti-Francoist maquis activities were first serialized in the Sunday ‘Reading’ pages of the paper SEGRE during the 1990s. Those articles were later collated and issued in book form as Maquis a Catalunya (1999) which was on its fifth edition at the time of his death. He died on 15 May 2020.

Translated by: Paul Sharkey.