Biographies by Sergei Ovsiannikov

Leonid Aleksandrovich Alekseyev
Mutineer in 1905, worked in Boston (Mass.), returned in 1917 and worked in the Bezhetsk Regional Soviet. “I was absorbed in organizational work for Soviet power, which I considered a transitional stage in moving towards anarchism.” Later a film actor (photo from Eisenstein’s Strike).

Dmitry Sergeyevich Ganeshin
Participated in publishing underground journals: Arrested in Moscow on April 23, 1926.

Sophia Moiseyevna Krasnoshchekova
Member of the Commission for the Organization of the Funeral of P. A. Kropotkin. Until the end of her life she wrote on questionnaires and application forms: “member of the party of anarchists.”

Alexandra Kvachevskaya
During the night of November 3-4, 1924, she was arrested in Leningrad. Later a teacher.

Grigori Ilich Minaev
In 1928 he was again sentenced for anarchist activity to three years in a corrective labour camp, later changed to exile in the city of Minusinsk.

Samuel Grigorievich Ryss
He was one of the 29 anarchists arrested during the night of November 1 1922 in Petrograd. Others in the group included Senya Fleshin and Molly Steimer.

Fanya Josifovna Wolshtein-Rozhanskaya
Member of the Odessa Group of Anarcho-Communists. Later a Bolshevik and member of the All-Russian Society of Former Political Prisoners and Exiles.

Anarchist Women in Maltsev Prison 1907–1908
In the wake of the failed Russian revolution of 1905–1906, the tsarist government established a prison for women “terrorists” in eastern Siberia. Maltsev Prison, in a remote mining district near the border with China, already housed “common” women criminals, but from 1907 to 1911 also held dozens of women convicted of violent revolutionary acts, the most famous being Maria Spiridonova, assassin of a brutal tsarist official.

Biographies of the ten anarchist prisoners are by Sergei Ovsiannikov, who also determined the date of the large group photo. Translation and notes by Malcolm Archibald. Supplementary biographical material in the notes is from Anatoly Dubovik.

All via Thanks to Malcolm Archibald for his translations.

Translated by: Malcolm Archibald.