Greek Anarchist History

English translations are now available of these articles on Greek anarchist history. The articles are:

Anarchist Giannis Magkanaras
Anarchists and radicals in 1890s Patras
Dimitris Karampilias (1872-1954)
Dimitris Matsalis and individual terrorism - Liopetas-Agallopoulos case
Greece: War and Civil War
Greek, Italian and other Anarchists in Egypt - A historical chronicle
Revolutionary syndicalism and organization
Social radicalism in Greece - Part 1: Reformists - Utopians - Anarchists
Socialist, anarchist and revolutionary movements in Patras in 1880s
Stavros Kouchtsoglous - A Greek anarchist communist with anarchosyndicalist ideas
Stelios Arvanitakis and the Communist Union of Greece
The Democratic Association of People in Patras and the newspaper “Hellenic Democracy”
“Epi ta Proso” (“Forward”) - 1890s - A Greek anarchist collective-newspaper

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