The Syndicalist Vol 1 No 11 (March 1953)

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To keep prices down and wages up - Stop paying the ex-owners /  Johnnie Miner
Tees-side steelmen strike against union sell-out
Printers delay ‘Express’ (print) / R.E.M.
From Tolpuddle to coronation tickets / A. Grace
Syndicalism in Russia (history) 
Perms ban Sundays reported (the docks)
Militancy (aspects of anarcho-syndicalism)
N.C.B. and the casualty rate (miners - coal capitalism)
Double it! (the syndicalist)
Petrol freed - but not the workers! (road transport) / Bert [Albert Meltzer]
Scissor Bill - workers never win / [Donald Rooum]
Letters : I.W.W. and anarcho-syndicalism (too centralised?) / R. Lynn
Letters : amend the rules? / R.E.M.
Letters : loyalty to what? / A. Lazenby
Letters : what is civilisation? / W. McCartney
Letters : it’s not hopeless / T.O’M