The Syndicalist Vol 1 No 8 (December 1952)

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What use are reforms? (what the state has given - the state can take away)
‘Peace on Earth’ / T.O’M
Big journeys and little money (road transport) / Bert [Albert Meltzer]
Some objections (ideas - what is anarcho-syndicalism? 8)
Your christmas carol / Gordon Hoile
Specialist training on the cheap (students - holiday work) / Erg.
Syndicalism in Germany (history) 
Night work (bakery) / B.S.[Bert Smith]
Scissor Bill - divide and be ruled / [Donald Rooum]
Letters : Stalin’s carrot (5 year plan, 5 hour day)
Letters : The crazy gang / W. McCartney
Letters : Take over the newspapers / R.M.E.