Letter from Korea

Seoul, 27.07.49

Dear anarchist comrades,

Greetings to anarchists the world over.

Before anything else, we thank you for the campaign you have been waging on behalf of peace and freedom.

Korea’s FGKA is Korea’s only revolutionary anarchist organisation. An organisation founded secretly on 2 November 1928 in the ancient city of Pengyang by Korean anarchists who made up their minds to go into action despite the bestial and cruel Japanese police, the purpose being to spread the revolutionary movement rather more systematically. Since then, the Korean anarchists’ fight has escalated across the country, despite the many of our comrades’ having been murdered or jailed by all the imperialists.

Although the Japanese looters have been gone since 15 August 1945, nothing has changed; our country having been split into two, half to the Americans, half to the Russians. Under the rule of these occupying armies, the might of the reaction has grown.

However, despite difficulties, we shall fight on with unshakable confidence until victory is ours; we shall fight for the people to be able to liberate itself at last.

We look to you anarchist comrades from around the world for your assistance. We heartily yearn for for your collaboration in boosting our energies and moving us towards final victory.

Send us propaganda matter so that we may replace our literature, destroyed by the various imperialist invaders. Pass on the addresses of kindred movements so that we may re-establish contacts.

Always, yours sincerely


(Secretary of the Anarchist Federation of Korea).

Note: FGKA = General Korean Anarchist Federation (or Korean Anarchist General Federation)

From: Letter reprinted in the "News from around the World" column of R. Cavan, (international relations secretary of the Anarchist Federation) in Le Libertaire (Paris) 0f 16.09.1949. Translated by: Paul Sharkey.