Greetings compañero for you are going

We are losing a generation of hope and action,
tragic and divine fools
with insanity of well being for everyone else.

Forgers of libertarian socialism, justice and liberty
people that embraced the hard road
of a generous idea,

That planted in the stars
a new world for our hearts.
You will no longer have to share, with your cell compañeros
the beatings from the guards.

Greetings compañero for you are going
I shall not cry your parting, for more will come to join the fight.

If you no longer sing, others will sing.

Greetings, noble compañero, to whom neither time,
nor suffering has changed.
Should your heart no longer pulsate,
other libertarian hearts will.

by Bernabé García Polanco

Translated from the Spanish by Vicente Ruiz (hijo) (from Salud, Compañero Que Te Vas)

Originally printed in A Brief History of the Spanish Anarchist Refugees and Immigrants in Australia, edited and compiled by Francisco Soler with the co-operation of Grupo Cultural de Estudios Sociales de Melbourne (2012). Read it online at:

Translated by: Vicente Ruiz (hijo).