2014 Bottled Wasp pocket diary

The Bottled Wasp Pocket Diary is a new not-for-profit prisoner support fundraising project. The 2014 edition covers the history of radical arts and artists, focusing on the importance of anarchist and libertarian thought on the Arts, revealing its lesser known and hidden histories in the areas of the plastics arts, music, literature, photography, film, dance, etc.

2014’s Bottled Wasp contains short introductions on Anarchist detective fiction, science fiction, Berlin Dada, Russian Anarcho-Futurism and its Italian counterpart, the Czech and Japanese artistic anarchist avant gardes, Néo-Impressionism, Octave Mirbeau, Nancy Cunard and the anarchist magician Mystag. Also the hidden libertarian connections of Franz Kafka, August Strindberg, Georges Simenon, Mark Rothko, Hans Richter, Luigi Russolo, Pablo Neruda, Marcel Duchamp, John Cowper Powys, Lawrence Durrell, Lucien Pissarro, Albert Camus and many more.

2014 Bottled Wasp pocket diary £6