December 2023 update from the KSL

We spend a lot of time thinking about anarchist libraries, but we’re not the only ones. Luigi Balsamini has written A brief history of the Centro Studi Libertari/ Archivio Giuseppe Pinelli, an important and active library and archive. There’s a review on our website: ‘Their story is not only ‘local history’ but throws light on anarchist activities and connections from the seventies onwards.’ You can read the pamphlet online at 

Their project is named after Giuseppe Pinelli, a Milanese anarchist who was murdered by the police as part of the ‘Strategy of Tension’. The Centro Studi Libertari have have just posted the English translation of Lucio Lanza’s book Secrets and bombs: Piazza Fontana, 1969 at

Also from Milan, we have posted Nuovo Canzoniere Rivoluzionario Internazionale (an illustrated anarchist songbook from 1914) at This songbook was published by the Libreria Editrice Sociale and contains songs in English, French, German and Spanish among the mostly Italian ones. 

Coincidentally, ‘No Master’ by William Morris appears there and also in: Ruling of man by man : a brief review of the history of ruling of man by man, and its disastrous effects on the well-being of mankind by John Humphrey (1936 or ’37). That was purchased by the KSL from a donation in memory of Roy Emery by the comrades in Bristol Solidarity Federation, as was Dyer D. Lum’s Philosophy of Trade Unions : An Essay Devoted to the Interests of the Thousands Who, in the Daily Struggle for Labor’s Rights, do Battle for the True Freedom of the Human Race which you can read at 

Finally, we have posted a leaflet from Freedom Press from 1948 relating to ‘peacetime’ conscription: We MUST Resist! anti-militarism, anti-conscription, anti-war, anti-government 

Enjoy the reading (and singing)!