Recent donations (August 2019)

We would like to thank the anonymous donor who’s been sending us old British anarchist material. The latest batch was of copies of War Commentary, full of interesting articles. We’ve scanned an article by Tom Brown on the abuse of the Internationale during the Second World War. We’ll try to put some more of these treasures up soon.

Update: From these issues:
Spain – Commemoration of the 19th July [London, 1941]
Books: The Russian Terror [Review of The Guillotine at Work]
Death of a good comrade [Daniel Mullen]

Another update:
MAY DAY, 1942 [leaflet]
How the History of the Spanish War is written by Marie Louise Berneri
Pages of Revolutionary History: Mutiny in the British Army
Pages of Revolutionary History: British Mutinies in France (both by Tom Brown)