The Syndicalist Vol 1 No 2 (June 1952)

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Are the unions finished? 
Miners will need solidarity (the mines) / Johnnie Miner
Protests against Franco
Workers’ control (What is anarcho-syndicalism? 2) / A.M.[Albert Meltzer]
Aims and principles / P.S.[Philip Sansom]
Talking points : the right to strike
Attacks on the Dockers (the docks - the Merseyside strike)
Who should control road haulage (transport - the man at the wheel) / Bert [Albert Meltzer]
Scissor Bill - the political circus / [Donald Rooum]
Get rid of the rats! (the struggle in Scotland) / From our scottish correspondent
A half-hearted boycott (printing)
An injury to one is an injury to all (cleansing) /T. O’M
Letters : refused to slave drive /A.L.
Letters : the only way? / D.C.W.
Letters : AScW sues “Daily Express” / V.M.
The inevitable decline (textiles) / D.R.[Donald Rooum]

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