Letter from Memorial

[We] (including A. Dubovik who is the curator of anarchist section) are working on compiling an encyclopaedic dictionary “Opposition and resistance of Russia’s socialists and anarchists to the Bolshevik regime (October 1917 - mid-20th century)” (supervised by K. N. Morozov, Doctor of History).

The project will extensively cover the problems of prison resistance and generally fates of anarchists and socialists in political isolators and concentration camps. I have to mention that we try not to refer to this as “Anarchists in the GULAG” or “Socialists in the GULAG” because their prison epic has started in 1918, long before the very GULAG system was created. And the majority of them, paradoxically enough, didn’t spend any time in the GULAG camps, moving from concentration camps to political isolators and exile. In early to mid-thirties they got into political isolators from exile, and then were sentenced to death. At least such a picture is visible as regards the socialist-revolutionaries. We are interested in co-operation with everyone who has professional interest in these problems, and are open to co-operation.

from Memorial’s K. Morozov.

See http://socialist.memo.ru [Russian-language]

Translated by: - Szarapow.