The Syndicalist Vol 1 No 1 (May 1952)

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Tell us the old old Tory (A cyncial political hoax)
May Day / R.M.
The embarrassing Communists
The meaning of anarcho-syndicalism (Ideas) / A.M.[Albert Meltzer]
Quite right, Mister Fowler
‘Bull’ at Bullcroft (the mines) / Johnnie Miner
Arthur Horner
Dividing the dockers (the docks) / A.G.[Albert Grace]
The Syndicalist
Hobbies for dockers
Scissor Bill - could this be you / ‘Dan’ [Donald Rooum]
Thompson’s is Black! (printing) / From our scottish correspondent
Council tenants resist rent increases (housing)
Fish dock workers demand summer holiday (fisheries)
The textile flop (textiles)