Islands of Anarchy, Simian, Cienfuegos and Refract 1969-1987: An Annotated Bibliography [Review]

At first glance John Patten's comprehensive bibliography of the efforts of these anarchist publishers would appear to be for a very limited audience. It follows what I assume to be the academic standard for bibliography, including details of all books and pamphlets published by these imprints (linked forever to the names of Stuart Christie and Albert Meltzer). However, the scene-setting introduction and appendices make it something that is useful as well to the everyday anarchist.


The introduction explains how new technology, in the form of cheap duplicators and later offset litho allowed much cheaper reproduction of the printed word. This can only get better as the tools to publish become more available. The interview with Christie gives some sense of what was going on in the late 70s and shows how he saw the work of Cienfuegos as connected to the wider movement. It still won't have the widest appeal ever, but it will interest all would-be publishers.