Anarchist victims of Bolshevik persecution

Everywhere the demand is being voiced for the liberation of the men and women who are suffering imprisonment or exile in Russia because of their loyalty to their ideals. If there still be the least spark of revolutionary integrity and political decency in the dictators of Russia, they would celebrate the tenth anniversary of the October Revolution by a general amnesty of all labor and political prisoners. Aside from right and justice, there could be no more sensible and practical gesture on the part of the Bolsheviki. For it is extremely near-sighted to believe that such a step would involve the least danger to the existing regime. On the contrary, it would revive the dying faith of the Russian masses in the revolutionary sincerity of the Communist Party and at the same time it would serve to inspire the international proletariat with the feeling and hope that the spirit of October is not yet entirely dead in the rulers of Russia.

We appeal to all labor and radical organizations, as well as to liberty-loving men and women in general, to unite their efforts for amnesty into a powerful international demand.

There are several thousand political prisoners in Russia. We hereby publish a list of Anarchists whose places of imprisonment and exile are definitely known at the present writing. Many names, previously repeatedly mentioned in our Bulletin, are omitted here for lack of space. The present list comprises only a small part of imprisoned and exiled Anarchists; it includes only the most recent cases and but very few of the older instance of the persecution of our comrades.

1. Artemenko, Konstantin - workingman; at present in exile in the village of Unkino, County of Kolpashev, Tomsk province, Narim (Siberia)

2. Akimov, D. - workingman; in exile in the Kara-Kirhiz Republic.

3. Astunin, P.- in Archangel, North Russia.

4. Akhrameyev, I. - peasant; after long imprisonment, now exiled to Ust-Sissolk, District of Kem. Northmost Russia. According to recent information, he is becoming mentally deranged as a result of brutal treatment.

5. Alimov, I. - in exile in Narim.

6. Baron, Aaron - well-known case: Anarchist of long-standing with splendid revolutionary record. Suffered persecution under the Tzar. Since 1920 continuously imprisoned in Che-Ka prisons, in the Solovki, Yaroslavl and other places. Now, broken down in health, an exile in the hamlet of Karassino, Turkhansky District, Northmost Siberia.

7. Bayev, Nikolai - workingman; imprisoned since 1921, in numerous places; lately in exile in Kizil-Orda. Kasakhstan, Kirghisia. Just re-arrested and imprisoned. Also his brother Artem.
8. Blumin, Lev - recently finished his sentence in Beresov (extreme north Tobolsk province) and now exiled to Perm, Eastern Russia.

9. Budarin. I. - workingman; arrested in 1926 in Leningrad; exiled to Novosibirsk, Siberia.

10. Belash, Victor - workingman; arrested in 1920; in exile in Tashkent.

11. Biriulin, Michil - workingman; arrested in 1920; exiled in Ust-Sisolsk, District of Kem.

12. Breinin - in the Tobolsk (Western Siberia) special prison of isolation for politicals, known as “polit-isolator”.

13. Bronziv - in Mezen, Archangel Province, Northwestern Russia.

14. Borovikov, A. - arrested in October, 1926 in Vladivostok and imprisoned there; later transferred to unknown destination.

15. Bianemin. L. - in exile in Beresov, in the extreme north of Siberia.

16. Dotzenko - workingman; imprisoned since 1921; now in the Tobolsk (Siberia) Polit-Isolator.

17. Dolinsky, Effim - workingman; spent many years in various Soviet prisons; now in the Polit-Isolator in Upper-Uralsk.

18. Diakov - workingman; in the Tobolsk Polit-Isolator.

19. Eliseyeva, L. - Anarchist woman; in exile in Archangel.

20. Feodorov-Puntzov, A. - workingman; in prison since 1920; now in the Yaroslavl Polit-Isolator.

21. Furmet, C. - participated in the fights against Kolchak; member of the Vladivostok group of Anarchist-Communists. Arrested in October 1926 and imprisoned since.

22. Fissun - workingman; in the Tobolsk Polit-Isolator.

23. Gaidovsky. S. and his wife - intellectuals, esperantists; arrested in September 1925 in Moscow; now in exile in the village of Dzhambetta, Ural Province.

21. Golubeva, Anna - arrested in the summer of 1926 in Leningrad; now in Novosibirsk, Siberia.

25. Gusev - peasant; in the Tobolsk Polit-Isolator.

26. Gromov - workingman; in the Tobolsk Polit-Isolator.

27. Goloulnikov - arrested in the summer of 1926; in prison in Tiumen. Siberia.

28. Grigoriev - peasant; according to the latest information, kept in the Yaroslavl Polit-Isolator. Attempted suicide in November, 1926.

29. Ganshina, E. - girl student; arrested in 1923, imprisoned in the Solovietzki Islands and other prisons; now in Kolpashevo, Narim, Siberia.

30. Gottman, Lea - well-known case; arrested in November 1920 in Kharkov during the legally held Anarchist Conference. Had suffered persecution as a revolutionist under the Tzar. Since 1920 in various prisons. Now an exile in the town of Zinovievsk.

31. Isebskaja, S. - woman physician; arrested in the summer of 1926 in Leningrad; exiled to the hamlet of Kargasok, Narim, Siberia.

32. Kurganskaia, N. - workingwoman; imprisoned in the Solovki and other places for a long time. Now exiled to Tula, together with her two small children.

33. Kulikov - workingman; arrested in Rostov; now in Kzil-Orda, Kazakhstan.

34. Kosov, V. - in the Polit-Isolator in Verkhne-Uralsk (Upper Uralsk), Siberia.

35. Kamkhi, M. - student of the military academy; formerly a Communist; in the Lefortov prison, Moscow.

36. Kalimassov; in the Yaroslavl Polit-Isolator.

37. Kochetov, U. - arrested in the summer of 1926 in Leningrad, exiled to Saratov.

38. Linitzky - exiled to Ust-Sisolsk, Zyrianski District.

39. Krichevsky, Boris - workingman; in the Upper-Uralsk Polit-Isolator.

40. Kevrik. Vera - after imprisonment in Solovki, exiled to Biysk. Siberia. Fell dangerously ill. All information refused by the authorities. Probably dead.

41. Kusiailn - in Obdorsk, Narim, Siberia.

42. Kasenniy, V. - fought in the campaign against Kolchak. Organized in 1917 the woodworkers union in Vladivostok; member of an Anarchist group there. Arrested in October 1926 in Vladivostok; further fate unknown.

43. Korenev, A. - fought against Kolchak, organized the Union of Youth in Vladivostok; arrested there in 1926, badly beaten: two of his ribs being broken. Imprisoned by the Vladivostok authorities.

44. Kashina. Ekaterina - after having been imprisoned in various places, exiled to the city of Tula.

45. Kuznetzov - workingman; an exile in Archangel.

46. Liakh, Ekaterina - woman student; took seriously ill during her long imprisonment in Solovki and other prisons. Now in Velikiy-Ustiug.

47. Levandovsky, Alexander - intellectual, well-known in esperantist circles. Arrested with his wife in Saratov in 1924. Now in exile in Obdorsk. Uralsk District, Siberia.

48. Lebedev, Leonid - workingman; arrested at Anarchist Conference in Kharkov, in November 1920. Imprisoned in the Solovki and other places; now an exile in Kolpashevo, Tomsk Province, Siberia.

49. Lebedev, Yossif - workingman; arrested in Yekaterinoslav. Now exiled to Kzil-Orda, Kasakhstan.

50. Lobe, Arthur - workingman; in the Polit-Isolator of Tobolsk, Siberia.

51. Lisitzin - workingman; in the Tobolsk Polit-Isolator.

52. Lopatin - peasant; exiled to Onega, Province of Archangel, Northwestern Russia.

53. Lavrentiev - exiled to Shenkursk.

74. Lukianchikov - exiled to the Narim District. Siberia.

55. Mochanovsky, Feodor - workingman; well-known case. Since December 1922 in the Butyrki Prison, Moscow, in complete isolation.

56. Markova, Ekaterina - exiled to Akmolinsk, Siberia.

57. Malov - in prison in the city of Odessa.

58. Moshin - exiled to Shenkursk.

59. Nemeritzky, Boris - in exile in the hamlet of Parabel, Narim, Siberia.

60. Naumov - in the Tobolsk Polit-Isolator.

61. Nakhamkes, Mark - exiled to Kirghisia.

62. Olonetzky - a student; arrested in Kharkov in 1920; imprisoned in various places for years; now an exile in Tashkent.

63. Polosova, Tatyana - co-worker of the “Golos Trouda,” Anarchist publishing house. Imprisoned since 1923, now exiled to Tver.

64. Poliakova, Maria - woman student; arrested in Leningrad in February 1925, at present in the hamlet of Khantaik, Turakhansky Kray, Siberia.

65. Petrosin - imprisoned in the Tobolsk Polit-Isolator.

66. Pokrovsky, A. - student; exiled to Aulaato, in the Kara-Kirhgiz Republic.

67. Polikalov - peasant; exiled to Onega, Archangel Province.

68. Pisarevskaja, E. - woman student; exiled to Tver.

69. Pochepnia - arrested in October 1926 in Vladivostok; a peasant 68 years of age, imprisoned, place unknown.

70. Poliakov - exiled in Beresov, extreme north of Siberia.

71. Reidman, Iuda - after years of imprisonment, now exiled to Parabel, Tomsk Province, Narim (Siberia).

72. Stepnaia, Dora - imprisoned many years in the Solovki and other places, now an exile in Archangel.

73. Sergeyev, Victor - workingman; imprisoned and afterwards exiled to Archangel, he was punished for corresponding with his comrades abroad by being transferred to Tiumen, Ural District, Siberia.

74. Riss, S. - an exile in the Narim District, Siberia.

75. Solntzeva, E. - workingwoman; arrested in Vologda, now in Beresov, extreme north of Tobolsk Province, Siberia.

76. Solntzev, N. - teacher; arrested in Vologda, now in Beresov, Siberia.

77. Soloviev, B. - arrested in Leningrad in 1926; now exiled in Kasakhstan.

78. Smoliakov - workingman; in the Tobolsk Prison-Isolator.

79. Sokolov, Sergei - arrested in Leningrad in 1926, now in the Tobolsk Polit-Isolator.

80. Strokach - arrested in Leningrad in 1926, now in Tobolsk Polit-Isolator.

81. Shapiro, Rachil - exiled to Kzil-Orda, Turkestan.

82. Shapiro, L - workingman; exiled to Surgut, Narim, Siberia.

83. Sturmer, K. - woman Anarchist; arrested in the summer of 1926 in Leningrad, now in the Upper-Uralsk Polit-Isolator.

84. Terekhin - an exile in Tobolsk, Siberia.

85. Tiurin, A. - exiled to Surgut, Narim, Siberia.

86. Tarasiuk-Kabas, Ivan - well-known case; arrested in Kharkov in November 1920; imprisoned since then in various places, including Solovki. Now in prison in Petropavlovsk, Turkestan.

87. Charin, Ivan - similarly arrested in Kharkov in 1920, at the Anarchist Conference; imprisoned in Solovki and other places. Was freed because in a dying condition and exiled to Zinovievsk, Odessa Province.

88. Yurchenko, Peter - workingman; exiled to Archangel.

89. Veger, Maria - teacher; arrested in Leningrad in 1921; imprisoned in Solovki and in the Upper-Uralsk Polit-Isolator. Now an exile in Archangel.

90. Veger, Tamara - arrested in 1922 in Moscow. Upon the expiration of her imprisonment in the Upper-Uralsk Polit-Isolator, she was sent into exile in the village of Kolpashevo, Narim, Siberia, where she now is.

91. Victorov, A. and wife - now exiles in Tobolsk, Siberia.

92. Verkhovskaja, M. - exiled to Viatka, North-eastern Russia.

93. Verba - peasant, Anarchist; in the Butyrki Prison, Moscow.

94. Voronina, Ekaterina - workingwoman; arrested in the summer of 1926 in Leningrad; exiled to Turkestan.

(The same “Bulletin,” No. 4, November, 1927). [Bulletin of the Relief Fund of the International Workingmen’s Association for Anarchists and Anarcho-Syndicalists Imprisoned or Exiled in Russia]

From: The Guillotine at work, p561-567.