Pano Vassilev's 'The Soviets idea' - call for help

Pano Vassilev’s ‘The Soviets idea’ was published in Sofia in 1933. It’s an anarchist analysis of the origins of Soviets, and how anarchists related to them in the revolutions of 1905 and 1917.
It is in three chapters:
1, The Soviets idea not a Bolshevik notion
2, Precise origin and historical development of the Soviets idea
3, Appearance and evolution of the councils idea in Russia and the anarchists’ relationship with it.

The Kate Sharpley Library has a neatly-handwritten translation of ‘The Soviets idea’ which we have scanned and put online. We are now asking for help in typing it up. You can see the PDF files and add to the text at

A brief biography of Vassilev is available at