Two interesting donations

Since the last Bulletin we have received two, especially interesting donations. The first comes via Juan Conatz who has been making available anarchist newspapers from the 1920s onwards available on Libcom. You can see some of them here

Juan was kind enough to donate some of the hard copies to us. If you can’t get the originals do make a point of visiting libcom. You might not be able to smell the paper or trace the outlines of Hippolyte Havel’s fingerprints on their front pages (we might be exaggerating a tad here !!) but you will be able to read some exciting and compelling anarchist and radical history that needs to be re-discovered and engaged with.

Our second donation was 60lbs of magazines/newspapers etc from the 1990s and elsewhere. The postman has just about recovered from delivering this lovely archive that is full of interesting and intriguing material

We thank both of the comrades and we also thank those of you who send us the odd little parcel or a single issue of something you want to donate. We ask those of you publishing to put us on your mailing list and we ask all of you to consider sending any material that you do not want to us. Your support is always appreciated.


See Libcom’s original request for help:

And Juan’s update: