July 2021 Kate Sharpley library non-bulletin online

NOT the bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library, No.7 July 2021 is here: https://www.katesharpleylibrary.net/5dv5fh

Russian Anarchists (Mark Mratchny, Feldman, Emma Goldman on Peter A. Kropotkin)
Remembering Albert
Obituary (Hate is Not Enough – the passing of a class warrior)
Louise Michel
Imanol’s list (A Roll-Call of Spanish Anarchists in the French Resistance and Escape Lines)
Anarchist militants look at history:
Makhno’s Opinion of Lenin and Leninism
The Struggle Between Marxism and Anarchism in the Russian Revolution by Aleksandr Savelevich Levandovsky
The Hungarian Communes (March 1919-March 1937) by Aldo Aguzzi
Lest the Spanish Revolution Finish Up Like the Russian by Nicholas Lazarevitch, Ida Mett and David Grigor’evich Polyakov
Updates & Publications (The Stuart Christie Memorial Archive: An update, New books)
Edward Colston: two links